HDMI Reset (note: this will delete all your user settings)

  1. Disconnect all devices connected to the TV (this includes analog connections as well)
  2. Initialize the TV
  3. Press MENU123 and select ENTER
  4. TV will freeze momentarily and then reboot
  5. Perform initilize process on all HDMI devices. If you do not know the intialize procedure for the device then at minimum disconnect AC for 30 seconds for each device.
  6. Power on the TV
  7. Power on the HDMI devices
  8. Begin connecting the HDMI devices 1 at a time and select the device type.
  9. Make sure to follow through on each device before connecting the 2nd device

If the issue persists please call Mitsubishi Consumer Relations. Please have the following information ready: Model number, Serial Number, Proof of Purchase.